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CAT´S CLAW (Uncaria Tomentosa Wild DC)

The Brand Vibe-Ashaninka will turn to Asháninkas in industralists After many years of economic postration and social decline, finally the diverse communities Asháninkas of all the country will benefit directly with the commercialization of the famous Cat´s Claw , plants medicinal that will be put to disposition of the international market thanks to a "Joint Venture" signed between Comunities of Asháninkas y Manufacturer

Through the Cat´s Claw-VIBE, Asháninkas of amazonian valleys of the Apurimac, the Ene, the Perené, the Inn and the Urubamba, will receive the 50 percent of the utilities obtained in the commercialization of the product, thanks to " joint venture " agreed between both parts. As one will remember, some months ago the President of the Republic, Alberto Fujimori, promised to initiate the managements commercially to develop the traditional medicinal, well-known plant from inmemoriables times by this amazonian ethnic group. Now, thanks to the private initiative and are effort of the native communities, this decision of the government has been fulfilled. Asháninkas belongs to an pre-Andean linguistic family denominated Arahuac, the same one that groups around 228 communities that extend basically all over the central forest of the country. Its main power supply continues being the hunting, although also they are dedicated to the culture of yuca, the cacao, the maize, the banana, the sesame, the coffee and achiote.
Thanks to the Cat´s Claw VIBE, Asháninkas will be able to industrialize the culture of this plant, but not only to handle their own economic resources with the income that depare the world-wide sale of this asked for product. During the last decade, Asháninkas underwent the terrorist attacks that practically decimated many communities.
Thanks to this agreement, the Ashaninkas will be able to the past leave in all this episode, opening itself a promising future for this important group of Peruvians. Today, thanks to the Cat´s Claw VIBE, the Asháninkas communities have the hope of a better future .

CAT´S CLAW(Uncaria Tomentosa Wild DC)

Cat´s Claw also known as Uńa de Gato is found in Amazone region and has been used by the natives in ages in their traditional Medicine . Was in 1994 by WHO ,recognized as a medical plant.
By Uncaria Tomentosas active components (alkaloids,glyocids and trytepenos)of this plant ,
lab.researches have showed it to have 3 main healing Properties:
ˇ Antiinflamatory properties
ˇ Phagocytosis activity
ˇ Citostatic properties

The above mentioned properties makes Cats Claw a medicinal plant of exellence.
It is indicated to relieve pathologies associated with:

ˇ Arthritis
ˇ Ulcers
ˇ Astritis
ˇ Reinforce the Immunologic system

by increasing the number of white corpuscle as well as to inhibitthe tumoral cells to be multiplied. As a Nutricional Supplement it has its benefits as a known product .
Brand Vibe-Ashaninka:
Capsule micropulverized and sterilized,in Blister
150mg /each - Box of 60 or 100 capsules,
Prices for 60 caps/Box:
5-50 Boxes=6,50 USD
50-100 Box=5,65 USD
100-500Box=4,85 USD
>500 boxes=4,50 USD

Out of this brand Ashaninka Communities will receive 50%of generated income, according to a joint venture between Ashaninka-Manufacturerunder supervision of the Peruvian Governement
Useful life 5 years

As many may add ,when nothing else aid one grip for the straw that is presented but this exellent aid is ,according to 1000 upon 1000 of peoples testimony and doctors astonishment a real wonder in our Natural Garden. One never really knows until one has tried .as for the 100 of various tales or statements that is to be seen or read maybe that will help for to catch a new light upon this miracolous herbal aid.Below you can visit the Scientific authourity in this field, Mr Phil Steinberg and get some detailed info upon this Miracolous healing herb.

Shipping & Handling Charges
For freight., please add 10% to your order amount ($2 MINIMUM). Payment
Sorry, but we cannot accept credit cards payments at this time. Please send a money order or check (in U.S.or Swedish/German currency only).


Send Order & Payment To:

Skandpex Trade
Trakilsgatan 79
41679 Gothenburg
Fax:46 31 199542
Healthy regards
Tommy Johansson
Skandpex Trade


Miembro de Argentina HyperBanner

Miembro de Argentina HyperBanner

Vitalizing Energizer

Botanical name:Lepidium meyenii walph

Reconstituent,ideal dietic complement.MACA stimulates vital activities,important geriatric action.It contains aminocides,essential vitamins and minerals.It has the property to increase sexual potency;it avoids anemia.
Gelatinized-only way to be processed.
Indication and use:
Maca is a natural revitilizer indicated for defiency conditions where higher energy and nutrients are required;pregnancy,breast feeding and growth are some apart from the above written use-areas as well.Athletes have started using MACA instead of steroids and since there are no harmful effects ,with its 100% natural composition, it´s a starter to proceed and grow as a frontrunner as a Vitalizing Energizer for time ahead.
500mg tablets in blister.
50 or 100 tablets/box

Calculated for 100gr of instant Maca
Calories 536.1 calories of fat origin 7,29Cal
Total fat 0.81g-1.25%
Cholesterol 0gr,0%
Sodium:73,5g -3,06%
Total carbohydrate:72,47g-24,16%
Dietetic fiber 6,37g-26,48%
Vitamin C 1,28%
Niacin 0,65%
Calcium 53,18%
Phosphorous 24,5%
Iron 64,5%
Percentage based on 2000 calories
Shelf life 3 years
Tablets: blistered in box with 50 or 100 units
each  tablet containing 500mg.

Many thanks for your most appreciated time and if extended information are needed,please be kind send us your inquieries.


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Tommy Johansson

Skandpex Trade

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